Monday, February 25, 2013

My baby, she's three

Children running rampant, in that awesome, chaotic, wonderful kind of way.  Adults sharing, 'catching up', and passing around the babies.  A lovely chorus of 40 voices bestowing wishes of a happy day unto the most beautiful part of my life: Rosanna.  

In short, her birthday party was perfect.  

playing under the OTP tables with cousins and friends

ready to open presents at home

who needs cake when there's frosting?

fun time at Incredible John's

mission: birthday exhaustion, complete!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hey body...

Hey body-

Let's just feel normal tomorrow.  I have dishes to do, ironing, laundry and a bathroom that is, well...yuck.  Oh, and that clutter that's building up needs a new home.  So, whaddya say?  Truce?  I wouldn't mind getting a solid night sleep too, if that's not asking too much.  It'd make my trek out the door for a Monday morning walk a lot less difficult.

That is all.