Saturday, August 27, 2011

Proud Momma

Why have a blog if not to brag?

Ro and I went to Strings for dinner tonight (Daddy was working and Mommy is a lazy pregnant chick).  We were sat in a wee little booth, the kind meant for only two people, one on each side.  I was a bit apprehensive, since this meant Ro would be on one side (and mostly our of reach) and myself all the way on the other side.  It turns out I had nothing to worry about.  Like, nothing at all.

She played with her crayons, coloring only on the paper (!) and not once throwing a crayon onto the floor.  This is highly unusual behavior.

When food came, I put some penne pasta on a plate for her and gave her a fork.  She proceeded to eat it, using the fork and her fingers.  No food strayed from the plate.  She occasionally asked for water.  She just stood there on the booth seat, eating and looking around.

It was one of the most pleasant eating out experiences we've ever had.  Two separate tables of people stopped and told us how much they enjoyed watching her and how they were so impressed with her table manners for being such a young girl.  One lady even told me I must be doing a good job.  I beamed!

What a proud Momma moment!  She was quite amazing.  I don't know a whole lot of 18 month olds, but I think we are pretty blessed with what we've been given to work with here.

I just love her to pieces!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rise and shine!

Laying on my back, trying to wake up, suddenly the wind is knocked out of me and a sweet, round little face is all I can see.  She has flung herself onto me and is now belly to belly, grinning behind her pacifier.  Her eyes are creased at the corners, that's how big her grin is.  "Morning Mamma!" she says through clenched teeth, trying to keep her pacifier affixed.  Her hair is wild.  It hangs in her eyes and is swirled in eight different directions.  It is,  perhaps, the greatest part of my day.  "Good morning, my love" I say back to her, and I am completely and unequivocally content.  I have my greatest love on my belly, and my wonderful husband (whom I am also in love with) on my left.  There isn't one thing that could make this moment better.  The great thing is that this moment happens every day.  I get to experience bliss at least one time every single day.  

Sunday, August 14, 2011


..our fruits and veggies, that is.

Besides the fact that we've been working toward a conscious eating lifestyle, we watched a movie called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" (it's on Netflix, go watch it!).  The result?  We are now the proud owners of a juicer.  

So this week we jumped into juicing!  Part of the appeal of juicing is getting a super boost of nutrients without having to eat the number of veggies it would take to get that many nutrients (because it would be nearly impossible to choke that much down).

You should've seen my shopping cart!  I felt like a heath queen, like my cart was a vegetable garden- that's how veggified it was.

Let's juice!  For the first batch we flew by the seat of our pants.  This is what we obliterated:
And the result was a green, GREEN juice.  Scary looking, though it was, it was yummy!  Someone else liked it too...
"Duse!", she kept asking, "Duse!".  She's also in LOVE with grapes lately.  In that picture she is watching some Elmo with both cheeks stuffed with grapes.  She just stood there like that, not moving,  grape-cheeked, for ten minutes.  Elmo is quite a guy.

Tonight I got a bit more adventurous with the juicer (if you noticed, the first time around was largely fruity).  So here is what it looked like pre-obliteration:
So in they went.....carrots!



The result is something like....hippie puke.

"Hm" I think, "that's pretty.  This might be pretty tasty."  This batch, however, was a little more.....earthy tasting.  If green has a flavor, this is it.  No doubt, this concoction packs a healthy punch, but it's going in the fridge to get colder (and hopefully more palatable).  In the spirit of letting my kid choose her likes and dislikes on her own, I gave her a swig.  

This picture doesn't capture the moment, just the 'stache.  She is NOT a fan of this one.  

If you have any killer juice recipes, remember: sharing is caring!  Now, go watch that movie!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We're Expanding.

Yup.  We downsized a few months ago (1300sq/ft to about 500sq/ft) and now we are kicking it back up a bit.  Just a bit.  Not only are we moving into a larger space, but it's cheaper too!  But wait, there's more- it has a garage!  No more storage unit for us, hooray for the savings!  Whew, that's enough exclamation points for now.

Needless to say we are giddy.  It'll just be the little things, like being able to open the bedroom door all the way because the bed fits far enough into the room.  Also, it has central heat & air.  We've been using swamp coolers in the bedroom and living room, needless to say they don't provide the most pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

Besides the whole "moving" part of this situation, it's a pretty sweet deal.  Plus, this time, it's only about a half mile move, instead of a 20 mile move.

Oh, and our family is expanding too.....we're pregnant :)