Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It's been awhile since I've been creative.  I didn't even know I missed it.  The part of my brain that was resting, un-stimulated was so quiet that I had forgotten it was there.

Then a few things happened right in a row that shook the sleepy dust off of my left brain, and it awoke with a hunger!  People that I know, women, were experiencing the same thing.  They wanted, no they needed to create.  So we got together and did it- created.

Glue, scissors, paper, canvas, paints.

Tissue paper, paint brushes, photos, glitter, tape.

All came together to form art work for baby's nurseries, kid's rooms, wall decor and memory boxes.  Ideas and colors, chit chat and laughter flowed.

This sort of gathering has happened four times for me in the past three weeks.  I have art work that I adore and have no where to put it.  Even such, I want to make more.  My brain in pulsing with ideas and inspiration.  I leave these gatherings feeling happy, light and fulfilled.  I suppose I have missed social interaction.  It's rejuvenating, whether I create something super cool or not.

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