Friday, October 26, 2012

Love and headaches

As my friend Ashley would say, let's bring it in for the real thing.  This era of parenting=the most challenging time of my life. 

I know it sounds dramatic.  And it's the truth.  We're talking about another person's life here.  My actions, reactions and basically any thing I do is a learning moment for my daughter.  This sucks.  Like, a lot.  I'm working on a 50/50 ratio here of  "Ro I can handle" and "Ro I wanna throw out the window".  This computes to: half the time I think I'm a pretty kick-ass mom, half the time my blood pressure is spiked, my head feels like it's going to explode and I'm wrestling with yelling awful things.  Rule #1: don't say things to a toddler that you don't wanna hear back.  Oh, yeah.

I'm also working with a pregnant body/brain.  Who knows if I could pull this off beautifully if not for hormons.  It's not even worth considering because that scenario doesn't exist.  However, now I'm freaked out that my unborn child is getting all kinds of stress hormones and will come out colicky and impossible.  It's a fact- stressed out pregos often pop out babies that are more prone to being stressed.  Time to take up meditation.  For reals.

What I really, need is a day or two to myself.  Last year I went into the mountains, did yoga and ate delicious healthy meals 3x a day (that I didn't make!) for a few days.  It was a struggle for me then, it wouldn't be now. 


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  1. Answer: YES! You are doing this beautifully!!!! I did yoga yesterday for the first time since.... I think the last time was when I was in labor with Eli. It felt so good to stretch!! So I'd love to give that to you! A full 12 hour day to yourself? We could have Ro sleepover but I know that's a lot.... Just name it and we will check the calendar. You could drive to the mountains and do yoga. And I could premake you a few meals if you wanted! I totally appreciate that you may just be writing to vent or let your amazingly and totally inspirational juices flow, but I hope you know how much I love you and how I would help meet any need I could should you you and your righteously awesome family :)