Thursday, March 7, 2013

Musings from behind the belly

I seem to have more value to the general public when I am pregnant.

I'm sure you (others who have come before me) have had this same experience, it never fails to amuse me.  In large part, I gladly accept the extra fawning and added care taken to accommodate my blossoming self.  Other times I just think it's silly and weird.

Early the other morning, as I walked up the street to meet a friend to go for a walk, a gentleman (who knows me) asked what I was doing out "in my condition".  I smiled and told him I had to, "keep this body movin'!" and as I continued on my way thought, well what the heck am I supposed to do?  Stay indoors?

Another time I was working (a job that essentially requires me to sit and wait for people to make a purchase) and asI went to stand and add up a lady's treasures, she was horrified that her actions were making me have to move.  Note to world: pregnant does not equal crippled.  I can, and appreciate, and opportunity to move about and get my blood moving around.  If I didn't, it certainly isn't *insert customer here*'s fault that I am choosing to work and therefore must stand up and punch numbers on a calculator.

I've noticed too that pregnant ladies are nearly on the level with saints as a virtue of being pregnant.  I get smiles and high quality courtesy that doesn't exist as a woman with a baby in the breathing world.  I can do no wrong and all of my woes are of extreme importance to passersby.  If only this love extended beyond the belly and into the (in my opinion) more challenging realm of hauling that sucker around manually.

'Tis a funny world :)


  1. I agree with you completely! I love this post! It is so totally true! I had so many people opening doors, giving me their seats, letting me go first in line, etc, but then second I was hauling that 800lb car seat around, it was all over! Doors slamming in my face! Looks of contempt! So weird.

  2. So true Niki! I was thinking the same thing! Props to those who are courteous to Moms as well as Moms to be! That's when we could use a hand! On another note, I wonder if when I offer someone who is elder if they need help, if they feel the same way. hm. And lastly, Mel I think you should invite that neighbor out for some sunshine! Sounds like he needs it! Love you and all your strength.