Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What a gal

This is going to be a purely indulgent post.  The kind of indulgence that mommies get a kick out of, you know- the bragging kind.  So maybe I'll be the only one who reads this, and that's ok because, as my therapy, this blog indulges me.
This morning I taught Rosanna the sign for 'home'.  This afternoon she signed it to me when I told her we were going home.   Just like that.  It seems like these days I only have to show her a few times before she absorbs a new sign and then *poof* she's pro.  Of course signs like 'help' are sort of complicated for small hands, but over the past week it has gone from looking like a spastic hand party to very nearly perfect.
 I get a real kick out of watching her watch me sign.  She becomes so concentrated, so focused on my hand movements.  She does the same thing when she is trying to say a new word.  Looks intently at my lips and does her very best to imitate.

I nearly died this morning when I came home from my first day of work (exhausted after my almost 3 hour shift, not) and Ethan had her at the window, watching me walk up to the house.  She was smiling wildly and squealing, and when he opened the door for me she said, "Momma!" and fell into my arms.

Is it just me or this the most amazing time of my life?  

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