Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our New Place

I do not miss our old place.  I did have my tears, my disappointment and self-criticisms, and when we left the house I had set all those feelings down.  I used them, felt them, had my way with them and then I set them down.  I didn't look back or have a sad soundtrack playing in my head as we drove away for the last time, I rejoiced!
We've lived here for a few weeks now and I am fabulously content.  While the boxes are only half-way unpacked and each day asks a new "where is ____?", I am settled.  There is something rejuvenating about living with so much less.  I've walked more in the past few weeks than I ever did in our previous house and I've met nearly all of our neighbors (before I didn't really know any of them).  E and I even walked, pushing Ro in the stroller, to the farmer's market this morning and bought a few lovely things.  We grabbed coffee in a perfect local coffee shop along the way and saw people we knew!  One of the people was a mom who recognized me from story time this past week.  I'm officially sold on living in Auburn.
"Cozy" is how I describe this place.  It's cozy here.  Have I mentioned yet how perfect our child is?  She is perfection.  Ethan and I giggled at the people in the cars stopped at a light who, as we walked past all smiled widely and motioned toward our child.  That's just how cool she is.  Our little beacon of joy.
Can I brag just a little more?  She now signs "baby", "cheese", "bird", "ball", "hat" and "light".  That's in addition to: milk, more, hungry, water, cat, change, up, down and fan.  I think that's all....oh and she waves.  So cute.  She's such a talker lately too, if you can say it so can she.  Time to watch that potty mouth!
In short: HOORAY for moving to Auburn!  


  1. I am so beyond totally and completely thrilled that you three are happy! And dude- teach Emelynn some sign! We've been working on food, water, and more FOREVER and she has yet to do it. Eventually....... so can't wait for that communication phase to start. LOVE the pics by the way. The last one is to-die-for. :) Love you. Can't wait to visit one of these Saturdays and walk to the farmer's market... how about this Saturday actually? :) Jeremy's out of town....

  2. I think the move to Auburn is such a great thing for your family. Steve and I have always said that if we didn't want the horses and the 'country' experience we would defiantly be living in or near down town Auburn. I grew up there and it was wonderful.