Monday, March 21, 2011

Auburn, here we come!

So....our house sold at auction 2 weeks ago, this is a result of our bankruptcy last year.  It was only a matter of time, we knew it was coming we just didn't know when.  So here we are.

Thankfully we found a couple of places that would work for us!  This is pretty amazing when you consider our tiny budget and our 3 pets.  I really thought we would find ourselves moving into my mom and Reese's motor home for a little while until we found someone who would have us.  I am so thankful that we had so many options!
Tomorrow is the big packing day, then we are off to unload it all in Auburn.  I don't need to tell you that moving is the opposite of fun.  It's the true indicator of how much unnecessary crap has built up around us and the question becomes: do we want to tote this around with us, or not?
We do have a little more entertainment this time around, Rosanna is having a blast crawling through the empty cupboards (the ones that used to have child locks on them) and poking around half-filled boxes.

Speaking of Ro, family is what makes this move less hard.
She makes it easy to answer the question, why?  Well, because Ro is more important than things.  This house is a thing.  This thing would have taken me out of the house, along with E and put her in the care of someone else- and that translates as: this house is more important than Ro, keeping this house close is more important than keeping Ro close.  And that was that.  No more house.
While there is some sadness- this is the first house we bought as a married couple, this is the house we brought our first child into, in this house we had intense love and intense fighting- there is more a feeling of relief.  We are being forced to live minimally (a long time goal), we are minutes away from OTP and we are living the dream: raising our family ourselves, loving our baby all day every day with no doubts about her well-being during the day.  It's priceless, really.
So, good bye house, it's been real!

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  1. very minimalist - it will be awesome and now it's scary. i seem to need my security blanket of shit all around me!