Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's my favorite

Of all the's fall.

I am a fan of being "cozy" and while bathing suits are welcome on hot river days, they are not "cozy".  Autumn is all about coziness and hiding in a sweatshirt.  Although lately this sort of attire only works until about 9am, then it's back into naked arm/leg wear.  But still, I really like opening the door in the morning and feeling the chilly air on my face.

Don't forget all the cozy fall recipes and ingredients that are begging and pleading for me to make them.  I have at least ten solid pumpkin and butternut squash recipes that are vying for my attention.  It's really difficult for me. In our house a dinner recipe lasts at least two days.  That's cutting into the number of days I can make new things *whimper*.  Luckily, the stuff I make turns out yummy most of the time and I can pawn it off on the employees at my husband's workplace.  Lord knows I don't need dozens of cookies "I just had to make" laying around for my mindless munching habit.

Most importantly, all kind of outdoor activities pop up with loads of fabulous picture opportunities.  So, of course, we haul the camera with us and take ridiculous amounts of pictures and then ogle at them moments after we get home.  I can barely handle the bounty of photographic possibilities: pumpkin patches (oh, the oranges, greens and browns!), apples (reds!), straw bales WITH pumpkins (forced toddler photo shoot, anyone?) and costumes (because what the heck is cuter than small people dressed up to look like other things?).

I think I've made my point.

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