Thursday, April 19, 2012

Run ragged!

My baby is napping.  As she should be, we ran her ragged this morning.

It started with visiting a house.  A two bedroom house (!).  Could this be the one we have been waiting for?  Nope.  The landlady was absurdly difficult to be in a conversation with (she wanted to share about all her ailments, trials, etc....I just wanted to make an appointment), the house smelled like a smoker, the street parking was lacking and the landlady's dog (she lives next door to this house) barked the entire time.  That's a big, fat thumbs down.  Too bad, really.  The house itself was, in my opinion, perfect for us.

Next, my mom and I took a lovely hike.  Ro cruised in the stroller until we went off road, then that lil' sucker held pace nearly the entire time (we walked for a good two hours!).  We wandered down paths whose end we weren't sure of, and decided to come back before we got too far.  What an adventure we had!  Butterflies were everywhere, my mom even caught one to give to Ro, but she liked them better on the flowers.  The shallow, flowing run-off was speckled and wriggling with wee little tadpoles- so cool!  We caught some and put them in Ro's hands, but she liked them better in the water.  We threw rocks in a miniature waterfall that was pooling up all gorgeous-like, making us wonder if it was worth scaling down the rocks to get our feet wet.  And while we were on the home stretch, with Ro tightrope-walking the narrow edge of the canal, I quickly pulled her up to me as the tip of her sneaker met the nose of a baby rattlesnake who was sunning in the path.  A few minutes later, I snagged her to me again.  Two baby snakes, how exciting!  'Tis the season?  Oh, and add "first poopy diaper changed in the wild" to the baby book.  BOOM.

So now she is napping.  I always feel like a "good mom" (whatever that means) when I sufficiently wear my kid out so that the nap is well deserved.  Otherwise, I feel like I am enforcing a rest on a rested child.

Now you know.

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