Friday, April 20, 2012

It Happened!!!!!!!!!

Just after bath time, after hair brushing and teeth polishing......

......she says to me, "Momma, I wanna go potty".  I'm thinking, sure you do, this potty thing has become a novelty instead of a waste receptacle.  But I put her on it anyways and give her the "Once Upon a Potty" book to peruse for inspiration.

"Momma I peepeed."

Doesn't necessarily mean anything.


Then I look over at her, she's peering down into the a small yellow puddle.

"AH!  Omigosh!  You peepeed in the toilet!  That's so awesome!  Do you see it?  You did it!!!"  And so on for about 5 minutes.  She didn't forget the promise of a chocolate chip upon completing such a task.  So of course she got one, post teeth brushing and all.

I haven't been so excited or thrilled about something in a long, long time.  My heart is beating faster, I wanted to (and did) dance around and throw her a party.  It was awesome!


  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Ro!

  2. Yay Ro! May it be the first of many pottys in the potty to come.