Monday, May 7, 2012

They call me Bunny. Easter Bunny.

I promised a post about the Easter bunny...I forgot.  Here 'tis:
I was the Easter bunny.  Me.  There I am.
That's my kid, not afraid of me at all because she was there when I tried on the outfit.  She thought it was pretty cool.  My job as the E.B. was to wander around Old Town and hand out suckers to kids and take pictures.  Lemme just tell you, it was pretty fun!  Despite the drop of sweat that hung from the tip of my nose for an hour, despite that I could only see the top third of adult's bodies and, therefore, not the kids at all, it was fun.  Parents were eager to have their children stand near me, a freakishly gigantic rabbit, to take a photo.  Weird thing: as a person with a bunny head on, smiling is not required in photos (although this is a very tough habit to break). Here's my kid running up to me saying loudly, "Are you in there Momma?!"
Now she thinks I am in every large animal costume.  We saw a photo of the guys with the Coca Cola bear and she said, "Is that you Momma?".  Hm.  At least my greatest fear (having my kid be terrified of me) was a non-issue.  And who knows, maybe I'll step up and volunteer next year too?

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  1. That is too cute! I love that Ro now thinks you're in every animal costume.

    That bunny costume is SO much cuter than the one the library owns. Our bunny looks kinda scary.