Thursday, May 31, 2012

Up, up and away

Today I sent off two pieces of art work, and I'm receiving money for them!  This is a super exciting prospect for me, what if I could do this on the regular?

One of the pieces came together at a friend's kitchen table during one of our weekly crafty-time get togethers.  I never considered I would be offered cash for it.  I'm pretty honored and, well, flabbergasted really.

I have a complex where I see how much awesomer everyone else's art is and therefore that makes mine worthless.  It's obviously not true, and that's a really neat possibility for me.  Here are the pieces I sold, it was sorta weird to send them away from me, knowing I'd never see them again.  But I'm resolved that most of the money I can make selling art will go into Rosie's college fund and our retirement, so the sting is lessened.


  1. So cool! I am so happy for you. You could also do murals for walls like in baby nurseries!

  2. These are both great pieces and I am so happy/proud of you and your new adventure into being a money making artist! I am happy that you are learning to see the gift you have to offer the world, its only one of your many. xoxoxoxo

  3. You are so talented! You should totally open a shop on Etsy. And the mural idea is fabulous.