Saturday, May 26, 2012

My kid, the coolest

I have trouble bragging about myself.  I am told when someone compliments me, that my correct response should be, "Thank you", instead of ramblings to discount the validity of their gesture.  It's a habit I work on daily: accepting acknowledgement.  This is one of the reasons I decided to post my art on facebook, it puts me "out there" in a small way and people say they like it...and I say, "Thank you".

My kid, however, is a shameless beam of pride, bursting and radiating from my heart like a beacon beckoning people to come and bath in her awesomeness.  MY KID IS FREAKING AWESOME.

Take, for example, the instance of a fellow toddler shoving my beloved out of said toddler's space and screaming at her.  My mama-bear ferociousness level skyrocketed and before I could do something I'd certainly be jailed for, my Ro stood up and walked briskly to me with a look of disbelief and hurt on her sweet baby face.
We had a quick chat about how people aren't always nice, I confirmed that she was ok, and off she went- no worse for the experience.

What about the time an older boy tackled her in the library (he was playing?), sending her careening into a giant stuffed horse?  She promptly stood up, turned to him and said, "Don't do that again" and walked away.  I backed her up with a triumphant, "Yeah!  What she said!" and followed her lead.  Well, not really.  But people!!  My kid didn't come bawling to me, sobbing out a story of being wronged!  No!  She handled it and moved on!  PROUD MOMMA MOMENT!

It's impossible for me to convey to you through this mediocre medium how fully awed and in love I am.

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  1. That is so awesome! Oh, my gosh, Ro, you rock.