Monday, June 20, 2011

Daylight come and I wanna stay there

I'm seriously in love with my family.  These are the kinds of people who radiate love and compassion.  Spending time with them is like recharging my soul.  I wish all lived we lived closer to each other- imagine being plugged into free flowing love all the time, what would happen?  Well, one person's description of us implied that we may have been drinking all day prior to being in their presence....we hadn't.  Love it.

These amazing folks gathered from their respective corners of the states and settled into Sedona, Arizona for a week and I was ELATED at the thought of it.

We BBQ'd,




and basically enjoyed the heck out of ourselves.

I don't remember the last time I was so emotional that a vacation was over.  It took me at least two days to feel stable enough to think about it with out crying.  I miss my family.  It's a cool and rare thing to feel so confident with an entire group of people that I can just leave my child in their care and have not a worry.  It's a cool and rare thing to feel like the people around me all actually care about what is going on with me, they aren't just attempting casual conversation.  Not to mention the intriguing topics of conversation.  

You'll just have to trust me, because I'm keeping them for myself: this family is one for the books and I am blessed to have been born to them.  I'm ready to go back...

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