Thursday, June 30, 2011

Amazingness Factor

Rosanna.  What would I do without her?  She is by far the biggest and most amazing shift in my life EVER.  So I just have to brag.  I have to get it out of me and into the world, you must be privy to her amazingness.

Amazingness factor #1:
Kisses.  Sometimes randomly.  How cool is that?  The sweetest is when she is falling asleep and she needs one more, so she pushes her face up and I plant one right on her soft squishy face.  I never pass up a chance for Ro kisses because I know that one day she might be less inclined (at which point I will cry, shamelessly).

Amazingness factor #2:
Everything I said about #1, except replace "kisses" with "hugs".  No lie.  This kid can hug.  She'll even walk around the house, hunting down cats saying, "hug!" until she finds one....then they get hugged.

Amazingness factor #3:
Her willingness and excitement about communicating.  Does she wants yogurt?  "YEEEEAH!!"  Does she want strawberries?  "No".   And so it goes.  When there is a toy in the box that she really wants but can't get she looks intently at Ethan or I and says, "Hep!" (help) and will sometimes sign it too.  Lately she copies me when we are looking for something (or someone) and I say, as we look around, "Daddy?  Where are you?".  While she doesn't get all the words right, she gets the sing-song tone just perfect and it is crazy adorable.

Amazingness factor #3:
She says "Hi" to EVERYONE.  Even to you, awkward teenage boy who doesn't know what to do when a one year old says "Hi" to you.

Amazingness factor #5:
There is an unending newness to the world.  She takes on life in ways I had stopped considering.  It's like I get to experience everything all over again for the first time.  That's how mega-cool having a wee-one is.  It's so cool.   

I could go on.   And on and on and on.  Just ask me,  I'm a super dedicated pro in the "Rosanna" department.  I can tell you all about the 30 or so signs she knows and how her dexterity is amazing as a result.  Or what about the fact that she sings songs while we change her diaper, or drive in the car or just whenever?  She even has a growing library of dance moves, the latest is twirling.  The kind of dizziness inducing twirling that results in a collapse to the floor and extreme silliness.  And also she doesn't miss a thing- she'll see cats, birds, lions, you name it no matter how small and she'll point it out.  She could teach me a thing or two about seeing, and I mean really seeing the world around me.

Tangent.  I told you, I can't help myself.  

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