Friday, January 27, 2012

Quit saying it isn't easy, you are fooling yourself and it's working

Funny thing about death- it bottom lines the world for us.

We are mortal, we are worrying about insignificant things, we are caught up in being righteous, picking fights that have no meaning and holding on to hurt that is sucking our small bit of time away from us.

People come together when another person dies.  They drop the pettiness that was so important just a moment ago.  They see the small things for what they are: small.

And they love each other again.

Not as lovers, but as people.  We let others have their space to be human and we love them for it.  It's a beautiful time in the midst of horrible sadness.

Then it fades.

We forget what we knew to be true and buy into, once again, the little annoyances that ruin our small time here.  It's so small.  It could literally end at an moment.  Truely.

How are you living today?  With loving abandon that fills your heart with joy?  Are you being outrageously fulfilled?

Let it go.  Let the ridiculous, radiant light in.  It's closer than you think.

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