Monday, January 9, 2012

Blazing Humanoid

You may have heard an atrocious rumor that a few weeks ago I turned *ahem* thirty.  Damned lies.

Actually, I did.  

For my birthday I decided I didn't want "things".  I certainly don't need things and our living space doesn't allow for many more things to be a part of our repertoire.  I want an experience.  I want an experience that I wouldn't have had last year and that I may not have next year.  I want it to be special, extravagant, awesome.  So in lieu of "things" I was a request for money.  To execute my birthday wishes would probably take more money that I had laying around, even though I had no idea what it would be yet.  I know now.

For a bit of time it was a toss up between a spa weekend with the hubs (mud baths, luxurious bedding, massages- you get the idea) or an overnighter to see Wicked and stay at a B&B.  Both sounded like superb choices and yet I was having trouble committing to one.  I like to think that when the right thing comes my way I will feel joy and elation over my decision.  I'm so glad I hadn't chosen (and sent off my birthday money) yet.  

A few days ago I saw a video on youtube.  It brought back all kinds of lost yearnings.  How could I have forgotten how badly I wanted to go to Burning Man?

I watched this video and nearly cried.  If you know me, you knew this was inevitable.  My friend Eric (who has been multiple times) says that this video sums up how he sees Burning Man better than any video he's seen.  I want to go with a burning (ha!) passion.  I want to go so badly!  

And there it was.

I had collected almost exactly two tickets worth in cash for my birthday.  My heart was a flutter.  My heart was racing.  This is my birthday present.

I hope.

This year's ticket sale is via a lottery.  I entered into it today.  I might cry if I don't get in.  We'll know in February.  I am already thinking of the wild outfits I want to put together and the body art I want to take on. I have ideas for my hair and my shoes and my makeup.  It will be the most fun. 

Not everyone is excited for me (and some might even want to retract their birthday donation) but I am convinced it is because they don't really get Burning Man.  I don't even get it (yet) and how could I?  I haven't been.  Eric says it's, "like Disneyland for adults" and the everyone's attitude is, "happy and giving".  

So here I'll sit, waiting anxiously (so anxiously!) for February first.

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