Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To vege or not to vege

Happiest New Year- and on that note, does it annoy anyone else that people think this is going to be "better!", "more fulfilling!", "my year!" for no other reason than another day has passed that we humans dub a "new year"?  Word to the wise (this is for me too, no doubt): every single moment is an opportunity to make this life "better", "more fulfilling", etc. and if you weren't going to do it last year...well there is nothing about the fact that the date is 1/1/12 that is going to magically make things happen for you.

I do like the idea of stepping back and reflecting on the possibilities of my future.  Making lists of things to accomplish, chores to do, purchases to save for (see: car) and then making a game plan to execute it all.  One thing that Ethan and I decided to shift on our life is our eating habits.  This came about not as a new year's resolution but as a commitment to being healthy and attractive to each other as well as to be the most energetic, happy, healthy people/examples for our daughter.  Our game plan: eliminate animal food.

I hear you: "Ah!  Why so extreme?!", "Where will you get your protein?", "That's not healthy!".

Rest assured friends, your concerns are unfounded.

Both of us also acknowledged that this would be a difficult task in today's environment.  How often do you see a plate that doesn't feature meat and/or cheese?  Rare.  We also want to be successful in our lifestyle change.  So our game plan looks like: home life is vegan (we can control this), outside the home we do what we can to make vegan choices and won't fret if that isn't a possibility.  In other words, we aren't going hard-core.

Turns out, I feel great when I don't eat animal stuff.  I feel lighter on my feet and (TMI?) going to the bathroom is no problem.  My greatest vice is sugar.  Oh, man is it ever!  This is where my greatest struggle will be.  It's also where my body will benefit the most.  Prepping vegan meals doesn't include adding sugar or eating cookies, candy, sweets in general.  I'm excited for the possibility of being free from my addiction.  I feel like crappola after I indulge and  yet I do- over and over again.

I hope you're looking forward to hearing about this vegan (sorta) adventure.  I intend to share successful (read: delicious) recipes as well as divulge ramifications.  I see a new body shape in my future...

Plus, we've got this gorgeous creature to take care of and giving her the best is a commitment we don't take lightly.

Don't worry, I won't be evangelically pushing veganism onto you.  It's an adventure we're on and I'm just excited about sharing the possibilities with you.


  1. If you ever want advice or food ideas, my cousin is vegan and a foodie, so loves talking about food (even with complete strangers)! She would be ridiculously excited to hear about your vege plan :)

    Since you're planning on cutting down on the sugar in your diet, I'm not going to mention these totally amazing vegan dessert cookbooks I love (and own, even though I'm not a vegan). Nope, not going to mention them . . .

  2. I think it's really great that you've made the decision to go vegan but not go hard core all at once. I think that's very smart. I hope that you enjoy the process and that your adventure into veganism is a fun one. : )