Friday, May 6, 2011

And while you sleep I will miss you

Some days 
(like days when Rosanna gets up at 6 a.m.) 
are more exhausting than others 
(followed by a day of teething-induced clingyness).  

And I feel a bit of relief when it's time to put the wee-one in bed and have some time by myself 
(as a solo, single, non-glommed version of my former self).  

Then, strangely, I start to feel a bit lonely.

I start to wish she was awake, needing every molecule of my attention down to my individual skin cells.

Oh, dear.  


Being a mom=being a crazy person in the most outrageously wonderful, inexplicable fashion.

Ro was 5 months old in this video- watch for E's funny monkey arms and just try not to smile....I dare you.

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