Thursday, May 5, 2011


Happy Cinco de Mayo....I guess.  It's not really my thing, but if people are gonna get excited about it and throw parties on my town, then hey- I'm game!
Old town had some festivities, including a salsa contest.  We did our civic duty and tasted them all, voting for our favorites.
What to say about Rosanna.  Well, she's awesome.  I wish I had the unabashed freedom to "be" like she does.  Case in point: some peppy mexican music is playing, so she dances and dances and dances.  Walking around, just dancing away, laughing and clapping.  Case number two: there is a (unknown to us) little girl sitting on the pavement waiting for the entertainment to start, so Rosanna walks up and sits down right next to her.  We're all friends here, right?  Sure!  Who needs personal space?  Fantastic!  She is so wonderfully free from the "should"s and "supposed to"s that come with growing up in our world.  And people love it.  It is a funny thing, how desperately people want to be free from their mind's built up limitations and yet no one is willing to do it.  Let's all do it!  Then no one would feel weird being the only one!
Anyways, I'm pretty sure that when she's old enough, Rosanna is going to ask me if she can be a folklorico (spelling?) dancer.  She was entranced.  Then she was angry because I wouldn't let her join them in their choreographed routine.  Since she is 1/32 mexican, I think they'll accept her into the dance school asap :)
Dancing excitement:
Lastly, I'd like to thank whoever is responsible for this lovely event because I was able to get horchata for ONE DOLLAR.  Hooray!  It's like a Christmas miracle.  Plus my munchkin loved it, I win!

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  1. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all had the complete lack of social pressure to fit in like toddlers? If we all lived every moment of the day like it was the best ever? (Of course that is coupled with 'the world is now ending' moments) We would have complete chaos. But we wouldn't care! We would be happy! :)