Monday, February 13, 2012


I doubt she'll remember when she was two and her Momma made her pancakes, but I if I do it often enough then (hopefully) her happy receptors will fire when she smells pancakes cooking in her older years.
I've made these suckers twice and twice they've been a hit.  Plus, they're vegan *ding*ding*ding*ding*ding!!  Winner!  They are Ginger Cream Cheese-Glazed Banana Pancakes.  They are a special occasion breakfast, and this morning's special-ness was simply the fact that we were together and it was drizzling outside.  Instant inspiration.
Bonus?  They come together pretty quick.  The only vegan-y stuff (meaning the stuff that was in my fridge and likely isn't in yours) is the tofutti cream cheese and vegan butter.  If you wanna make this (and you do) then I don't see why you can't just make it in your own style.
I started E on one (he didn't remember how he loved them last time) and he promptly made the yummy sounds that mean, "I'll be wanting more".  Ro chowed.  I was a proud Momma.  
The recipe can be found here from The Family Kitchen.  My twist on their preparation would be: add another banana (they call for 2) and prep the glaze in increments in the microwave instead of having another pot on the stove top.  

Lastly, marvel at your beautiful creation and chow that grub down!


  1. Oh, man, if I liked bananas I'd be all over this!

    Even if Ro doesn't remember eating pancakes when she was two, pancakes will probably always conjure up warm, fuzzy feelings :)