Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why I Rock

Number One:
I cleaned up poop-bath.
Me: "What are you doing?"
Ro: (from the tub) "Hiding"
Me: "Why?" (while simultaneously thinking, "Oh, dear God, no.")
And so it was.  She pooped while taking a bath.  Real classy kid.  And I, her awesome Mother, cleaned that sh*t up.  No belittling, no scolding.  Just a polite discussion on the proper place for the toilet.

Number Two:
In the span of three nights I have transitioned our kid from falling asleep with me sitting next to her, to falling asleep in her own.  One melt down on the first night that lasted approximately one minute and that was it.  I am mega-proud!

Number Three:
My kid sings an Adele song.  Without it playing.  Randomly in the kitchen.  She learned this from me- shamelessly singing the song in the car, loudly and with hearty abandon.

Number Four:
My kid rocks.  Therefore so do I.


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