Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb.6: a recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Here's the most recent picture of me, it was taken less than a week ago:

Here are my 15 (possibly) interesting fact about myself:
1. I used to think 5'11" wasn't tall enough and that I really needed to be 6' to be considered "tall".
2. I can't count paper money unless it's all facing the same direction.  My brain can't handle the madness!!!
3. Other people's kid's mucus grosses me out, but my kid's mucus doesn't seem gross at all.
4. No matter what hair cut I get, no matter what cute hair style I am blessed with, I will always revert back to the pony tail.
5. I took meds for acne when I was in high school.
6. I have the ability to be content where ever I am at.
7. I secretly love rainy days because I have a good excuse to cover my body in layers and hide what I am self conscious about
8. Doing the dishes and listening to my talk show on the radio after Ro is asleep and while E is at work is something I actually look forward to.  Weird.
9. I love grocery shopping.
10. I used to let Elmer's glue dry on my hand because I thought it felt cool to peel it off
11. My memories of being a kid are sparse and I wish I had more
12. Being a Mom insights such happiness at times that I cry
13. I miss my fur-family.  From 5 down to 1.
14. I like Juno.  I cry EVERY TIME at the end, after she has given birth and she is laying on the hospital bed with her boyfriend holding her, crying.  I have seen this movie 10+ times.
15. My aunt makes awesome beef stroganoff that I haven't eaten in 15 years but will always want to eat.


  1. What a wonderful post! This is something I should do.. Ciao for now.

  2. 2. Same here! I have to ignore the money in the register at work because otherwise it will make me nuts.
    4. My hair is in a pony tail so often I'm surprised it doesn't just grow like that.
    7. Same here. Rainy days also make me think of Oregon (but only in the fall, winter and spring).
    9. I love it when I'm not starving.
    10. ME TOO!
    13. I miss our old cat Nero. It breaks my heart I didn't get to say good-bye.
    14. Love that movie!

    Enjoyed your interesting facts :)