Friday, October 29, 2010

3 Grandpas, 2 Grandmas and 1 lovely little day trip

My dad hadn't yet met Rosanna.  He has seen her photo, heard her babbling on the phone but not been able to hold her sweet chub himself.  That's why, this week, he made a road trip.  He got into town late in the evening and Ro was sleeping but when she heard an unfamiliar voice, she woke up.
Hmmm, what to think about this guy....lemme get a closer look.
Okay, you passed the test.  Wanna play?

For the next two days we did what bonding we could.  Ro showed off all her skills: crawling, climbing, screaming, eating, sleeping, etc.  And I think her grandpa loved every minute of it! 

Yesterday we took our yearly trip to Apple Hill, a day trip I look forward to and cherish.  This year we all went, we joked that we were Rosanna's entourage.  She was never left wanting in the grandparent department, the whole trip she was passed between their adoring arms.  Three grandpas and two grandmas!  What a nice way to travel!  My arms and back got a sweet little rest for a few hours yesterday.  I did notice, however, that I started to miss her.  She was never out of eyesight.  And I missed her heavy weight in my arms and slobbery mouth on my chin (another story).  I am very attached....

Here are some of the adventures we had with grandpas and grandmas:

Ahh, pumpkins everywhere!

Fun with grandmas

Grandpas :)

There was just too much love on the hill of apples!  It was such a lovely little day trip.  We even hit up Jack Russell brewery and had their pumpkin spice beer- I had mine paired with their apple cider and it was so yummy!  Before the day was over we brought home some apples (duh), pears and a blueberry apple pie.  Rosanna posed under this cool sign we found at our last stop, where we also checked out some noisy geese!

I also saw this- have you ever seen such enormous butternut squash?!  I was floored!

On our way back home we all stopped off at Old Town Pizza and had some chow!  It was, of course, delicious!  Even the little one was revved up about the experience.
 It was an amazing day!  Even the weather cooperated, it was clear and perfect!  Can't wait for next year...

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  1. My mom loves taking my niece to Apple Hill! They always have the best time :)