Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rain & Figs

Oh, the rain!  Buckets of persistent, driving rain.  And if you were looking for a small break, perhaps a bit lighter rain for a few moments- forget about it.  Maybe just while we load up the car from cabin-ing?  No way.  WE GET IT- you remember how to rain, no need to show off.  Geez. 

So yes, we trekked back up to the cabin.  This time with out E and with my mom and Reese.  My mom and I enjoy exploring local grocery stores.  Sometimes there are neat finds, like an obscure kind of candy bar or some lovely bakery item.   This time we were pointed toward the Briar Patch (I think?) in Nevada City, it's their local Co-op.  It's also a hub of peace, love and well-maintained dreadlocks.  Oh, boy- Rosanna's first hippie!  Thankfully these particular locals didn't have that signature odor and instead were a shining display of why I (mostly) love them.  They wear great colors, earthy jewelry and have a clear sense of what is good for their bodies- and my favorite: they are in love.  They love the earth, the trees, the flowers, the animals, their fellow shoppers.  Granted, I was not doing any of the things that would wildly upset them, i.e. buying name brands, wearing a mink jacket, using twelve non-recyclable plastic bags, so in this moment we were harmonious.  We did find a few cool things.  I had a Mango Lassi (something I had tried in an Indian restaurant in Rome *ah, Rome*) and: figs. 
Figs are a strange, kind of scary little fruit.  I have to thank the Alehouse for putting them on their house salad so that I could discover their yumminess.  The best part about them is their insides.  I can't eat them whole (although you could), I have to cut them open because they are just too pretty inside! 

My mom and I decided they would be really great in yogurt.  I find them exotic and I feel like a well-rounded person for eating them....*snort*

We had a few shenanigans, playing in the kids' room with the baseball game on, braving wind and rain to get there.  Trying on grandpa's hat while grandma had a go at piggy-backing
Trying on grandma's cozy shoes:
She even got to wear her hoodie for the first time, what a cutie!

Despite the rain's best efforts, we enjoyed ourselves- it's what we do!

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