Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun With Cake

I've been wanting to make a tie-dyed cake for awhile now, and I finally have a reason!  It's really pretty easy.  Whip up some white cake and divide it into a few bowls.
I forgot a step, make sure your wee-one has an acorn squash to play with...
Then I added different colors to each bowl.  Turns out you need A LOT for each.  Like, 10+ drops.

Now- you just add it to the pan (or, in my case, bowl), alternating colors.  Some people swirl.  I didn't this time.

Uh-oh, the acorn squash has lost it's appeal.  Peek-a-boo!
Next, into the oven!  Mine took about an hour.  It was the longest hour, I think I was just too excited to see what would happen!
When it was done, it was beautiful!  I cut the top so that it would sit flat (and didn't take a pic) and the insides were so vibrant!  This is definitely a keeper.  Too much fun :)
I also whipped up some baby food.  New food adventures include: beets and kiwi.  Shortly after this picture was taken, all of these lovely little bits took a turn in the food processor.
Lastly- I discovered a new way to de-seed a cantaloupe!   I used my 1/3 cup scoop to quickly and efficiently get 'er done!!  Look how lovely perfect...


  1. What a great idea! I love that you make it in the mixing bowl.

    And the peek photo, precious!

    I miss the times that I could make Rose all her baby food. She is so much more picky now. I used to feed her everything! Oh and this may not happen with Ro, but Kiwi gave Rose a wicked diaper rash. She did love it though. :)

  2. More great ideas!!!!!!!!! Can you give me some thoughts on what else to try in the food processor? I'm trying to weigh the costs. My daughter has now had TWICE 1 1/2 peaches for a SINGLE feeding. So I like the idea- and its super easy, but I'm wondering if its worth it. We're starting to get slim on our collection of baby food, so any thoughts? She'll eat pretty much anything.... I like your ideas though. Can you freeze all of it or do you keep it in the fridge? OH! And LOVE the tie-die cake!

  3. That cake is so cool looking! I'm definitely going to have to try that sometime.