Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One of many

Today is a doctor day.  I got a physical this morning in preparation of our impending health coverage cut-off, Ethan had his yesterday.  Later I'll be taking Ro to get checked out because I am a paranoid, perfect mommy who is afraid her baby is ill.
Even though her doctor time isn't until this afternoon, Rosanna joined us in getting stabbed with the flu virus.  She did better than I, not even a flinch.  The look on her face was severely disapproving, yet there were no tears.  I, however, felt like I wanted to cry. OUCH!  Was the nurse was so distracted by my beautiful child- they all were oogling, cooing and making scrunchy nosed faces- that she stuck me with too much force?  It sure felt that way *whimper*.  So while my arm is still throbbing (possible exaggeration) hours later, Ro is crawling vigorously around on her stuck leg.  I'm glad I created a child less wimpy than I.
Since then, she is waffling back and forth between tiredness and the excitement of the newly mobile.  This lovely combination results in faces like this:
This is what we call the "zoner" face.  "Baby Ro?  You in there?  Hello?"  Nothing.  She's in the zone.  It's just one of many faces that I scramble to capture on film everyday, and she keeps me plenty busy.  If you want to see my collection, set aside a few hours and come on by!   Our collection is brimming with 5,000+ pictures and I'd be happy to sit down and go through them with you, complete with full explanations and appropriate awed mommy noises for each.


  1. ohhhh poor Mel! :( Did you get a cute band aid at least? (That sounds sarcastic but I'm totally genuine. :))