Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ice "Cream"

Tonight I found myself SERIOUSLY craving sweets after dinner.   I looked high and low, tore up cupboards and dug to the back of the freezer, but alas- there is nothing sweet in my house.  This, by the way, is along time goal of mine: have no readily available crap to mindlessly gorge myself on.

I was so desperate I thought, "I need to go out and get something sweet, chocolaty, creamy...".  I, however, have a sleeping child who I am not willing to wake up just to entertain my sweet tooth.  So it was time to get creative.  I had frozen bananas (I make smoothies regularly, plus they are great for teething cuties), I had a can of coconut milk and some cocoa power.  I think I have told you about this dairy-free ice cream recipe in the past, and it's a keeper.  You get all the satisfaction of ice cream with out the heaviness and unhealthiness of dairy.  With my long term goal to eventually be diary-free, this is a good thing!

So: I put a few cups of frozen banana pieces in the blender and added about a half cup of coconut milk.  Then I blended it, adding more coconut milk slowly until the blender could move the banana around and do it's job.  You don't wanna get antsy and add too much, otherwise you'll loose the thickness that make this "ice  creamy".  If you do add too much, it won't be ruined, it'll just be more like a milk shake (or you can add more frozen banana if you have it).  Lastly I added about a tablespoon of cocoa powder and let that get incorporated and swirled in.

Then I ate it.*

*due to the deliciousness of the previous posting, no pictures were captured prior to consuming

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