Sunday, November 7, 2010

Creative Sugar High

I get such a kick out of being creative in the kitchen.  It doesn't have to just be with sugar- although the majority tends to lean that way.  I have made a new rule, however: if I am going to make something it has to be for a specific purpose.  Otherwise, I'd really be in trouble.  Meaning I'd be hardly recognizable encased in layers of well earned fat.  This is a scenario I'd like to avoid (and reverse, ahem).
Here are some of my adventures.  The first is a cupcake I made for Reese's birthday.  It started off as a collection of mini bundt cakes.  I'm not sure why and they didn't successfully come out of the pan in cake shapes, they were crumb shapes.  Oh, well.  So the rest of the batter lived to see being shaped as cupcakes.  They turned out beautifully!  It's a chocolate cake and I dipped the tops of them in peanut butter chocolate ganache.  Next I made a cream cheese peanut butter frosting, frosted those suckers and sprinkled them with chocolate jimmies then topped them off with a half of a PB cup.

Last week I tried my hand at biscuits.  I love watching my grandma make biscuits.  She doesn't even use a recipe, grandmas are magical creatures too.  So I desperately want to be a diva in the kitchen, just like her, and I thought I had better start getting my biscuit recipe handled.  It was a disaster.  They turned out flat, bland (despite the cheddar cheese!), dense and heavy.  I knew something was amiss when I was done getting the batter together and the directions said, "your dough should be floury" and mine was sticky wet.  I'm glad I got that out of the way so that I can now make them perfectly....

 Lastly, I made apple turnovers at the dessert cafe a few days ago.  They turned out SO beautifully and tasted wonderful!  I am super duper proud of these came out.  If you are in the Auburn area you gotta go by and try one!

Oh, and here's a cool red onion I found at the farmer's market last week.  It's called a "Torpedo Onion"  Weird.


  1. Those are beautiful cupcakes! They look way yummy.

    And the apple turnovers.... If only I knew Steve was at OTD today. I would have had him pick up one. Mmmm!

  2. Love the cupcakes!! And those turnovers . . . mmmmm. Apple turnover are my fave :)