Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A few weeks ago I bought a beautiful pumpkin at the Roseville farmer's market.  I loved it so much that it almost became too ripe before I made it into mush.  So I baked it.  First I cut it in half, scooped out it's seedy insides then put the halves face down on a baking sheet with a few cups of water.  Then 350 degrees for 45  minutes.  The meaty stuff practically fell off the skin!  It's a lovely, vibrant orange color.  I really wanna make a pumpkin pie with it.  I am certain it will be better than canned stuff (although I'm not knocking the can-I'm a fan!). 
Since I can't bring myself to make a pumpkin pie this early in November, I headed over to the dessert cafe to try my hand at pumpkin pop-tarts.  They turned out pretty tasty.  I made a pumpkin filling and used puff pastry.  While the puff pastry probably wasn't the best choice for a traditional pop-tart, it was yummy!  Here are some pics of my adventure, including some shenanigans my mom and Rosanna got into.  If you wanna try one for yourself, the Dessert Cafe  has them now!

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  1. We tried a pumpkin pop-tart tonight. I loved it! It had a great light pumpkin flavor. Yum!