Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Living Where The Green Grass Grows

...not watching the corn pop up in rows....and that's ok! 

Today was so beautiful!  Weather was perfect, sky was blue and the baby needed a change of scenery.  So we took a trip into our big back yard.  One the other side of our fence is a field with vast expanses of green grass- so off we went!  And one minute later, we arrived.  I've heard of babies getting a little put-off by different textures, so I was curious to see how the munchkin fared.

She did great!  No problem.  Well, until she took off!  Here she has been chased down by her Daddy and hauled back to our area:

She's not a goofball AT ALL.  Neither is her Daddy.  The short story is that she had a great time.  It was too much fun.  She took off several times. This one she even checked up on us a few times, just to see if we were gonna follow.  Then, I guess she decided she had gone far enough, so she plopped herself down and squawked and clapped her hands.  Much to our enjoyment, of course!

Then, because she had gone so far, and was gone for sooo long, I forced some kisses on her- which she returned.  I love this kid.

The second most fun thing to do (after running away from Mommy & Daddy) was to steal Daddy's hat.  Who knew hat stealing was this entertaining?

Just before we made the long trek back home, it was time for some good, old fashioned baby swinging.  My professional photographer risked spit-up and drool strings to capture these giggly moments:

For some reason my kid gets a kick out of being upside down.  We get a kick out of it too.  She is such a goof!

I love this little family.  I LOVE (to be pronounced loudly, assertively and full of joy) my family.  MY FAMILY!  We created a new family, and I love us.