Friday, November 26, 2010

Rosanna's First Thanksgiving!!

Wow- I am a mom this holiday season.  Whoa, slow down.  My baby's first thanksgiving?  *Whimper* I love this stage of Ro's life.  She's so much fun and such a little character.  Can she please stay this way forever?
Unfortunately my baby was (is) sick.  She wasn't super miserable, unless she had me in her sights.  Then the tears would flow and the nose would drip, and that was my cue.  Some people think our method will create a monster.  That this is spoiling my beautiful creation, and frankly I resent that.  "Spoiling" is something that happens to old milk or over-ripe fruit.  Responding to a baby's needs is just that.  I am now dismounting my soapbox, before things get out of hand...
The following record of Ro's first Thanksgiving is sprinkled with tears and (sicky) rosie cheeks- see previous paragraph- and LOTS of food.  We generally make our thanksgiving extra special by adding an extra dinner.  Two families=two celebrations.  Lucky us!!

Hangin with Uncle Dan

Aunt Morgan & Uncle Russ
When's chow time?

So full....


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  1. So sorry she's sick... and really hope she didn't get it from Emelynn! The pictures are darling.... did she eat any of the food? BM is best though when they're sick, like you said.... and I love your soapbox paragraph. Rock on. Baby's needs are just that. Baby's needs. You rock as a Mama!