Tuesday, November 23, 2010

9 months?!

I used to hate caramel apples.  There was no graceful way to eat them.  I would inevitably have apple juice streaming down my chin and my cheeks would be sticky from trying to get a bite off of the apple.  UGH!  I get frustrated just thinking about it!  Then, one day, someone cut up my apple for me.  Brilliant!!  I could hold the pieces in my hand, take bites, get apple and caramel all with out the mess- and so the love affair was reignited.
Fast forward to this past friday.  It is mandarin festival time (yay!) and we went, hoping to beat the rain (which we didn't).  One of the vendors there was a candy company who seemed to specialize in my old nemesis.  There were SO MANY options!!  Probably 20 different varieties!  Some of the apples had so many toppings that the apple was twice the normal size- imagine a large grapefruit.  Wow.  Then I had to choose one.  I wanted ten.  Argh, the drama! I decided on this one.  And it didn't disappoint.  It became my dinner, and it was glorious:

We, of course, purchased mandarins as well as some mandarin spread.  It was fun, despite the rain and cold.  I think hanging out with family is a hoot no matter where we are :)

Rosanna's uncle Chuck got her the cutest hat while we were there.  She kept it on too.  This photo is from today, bundled to go to the farmer's market in Roseville.  What is with the deep-freeze temps lately?

And in other news: today is Rosanna's 9 MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!!  To celebrate, here are some Ro-moments caught on camera:

Eating dog food:

Harassing the kitties:

Cruising down the hallway with cousins:

And lastly, sucking on a individual sized jelly packets:

Who loves this baby girl?!  I DO!!  Okay, one more...I can't help myself:


  1. Love it. Happy Birthday Rosanna! You're a jewel!

  2. and I love the dog food pic! Great catch!

  3. I'm totally with you on the caramel apple thing! I never understood how people could eat them without getting caramel everywhere!

    Enjoy some mandarins for me. I'm definitely going to be bringing some back after Christmas :)