Friday, December 3, 2010

CIM. Dang it.

When I was near the end of my pregnancy I had a wonderful idea: sign up for a marathon now, that way I have something to work toward- something to get the extra fat off.  It was a great thought, but who is gonna train for me?  Well, here we are and not one soul has put in any training on my behalf.  Rude. 

I'm not completely training-less.  I did run the Lake Natoma 1/2 Marathon and the 7 miler around Donner Lake...ugh.  I am not ready.  Today I went to pick up my stuff: bib, chip, instructions, etc.  Walking the expo with all the other runners (there are 7,499 others) I felt guilty and not worthy.  What a wasted opportunity. 

Then I got off it.  A call to my loving man was pivotal in this decision.  He reminded me that I can just use this run as a training opportunity for the January half marathon.  No need to beat myself up over it!  So, instead of shooting for the 26.2 mile finish, my new goal is 20 miles.  This would be a great feat for me.  So on Sunday morning, if you think about it, send out positive running vibes to me.  If you're so inclined, you can even track my progress here by looking up my last name.  If you see that I've suddenly veered off the map, well, that means I've called it a day. 

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  1. So proud girl!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to walk with you sometime :) I jog sometimes... but no real running too often. Proud of you!!!!!!!!