Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Morning

I love me a morning time Ro.  She wakes up in the best mood, everyday.  What a smart girl!  It starts out with a bit of stumbling about.  A bit groggy still, she eventually ends up plowing into me, resting her head on my belly, her eyes closed.  So sweet!  This only lasts a moment, however and she is sitting upright, grinning wide under a mess (yes, a MESS) of wispy brown hair.  Then she moves in for the snuggle!  All smiles and even a bit giggly, this girl gets my day going right! 
I can't say enough about co-sleeping, I love it.  I love knowing she is ok all night long, that she is warm enough and that when she needs something she doesn't have to get all worked up into a cry for her needs to be met.  And of course the morning time.  It's so sweet.  I would miss this amazing bonding time if she was waking up by herself in another room. 
Morning time silliness was captured on film it

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