Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2

My friend Erica is taking on throwing stuff out.  I'm going to take back up my commitment to minimalist living and join her.  Her tactic is 5 things for everyday in February.  I didn't put up pics of my purge from yesterday, so today you get a double dose.

Yesterday I found 2 sweater-type things, one that I have worn MAYBE once and the other I have never worn.  As in, not ever.  Can you guess how long I've kept this never-worn piece of clothing?  I don't have a specific number and it's at least a couple of BEFORE I moved out of mom's...which I did when I was 21...we're talking about 10 years here people.  And I still had reservations about tossing the thing - it's SICK!  Anyhow, here are yesterday's 5 things:

For today I rounded up some magazine-style cookbooks that I haven't opened in a few years, today's was a bit less difficult.  I can tell you that for each one I put in the box I had at least three reasons I might need it in the future.  You know, just in case.  

Ten "things" down, one hundred and thirty to go!

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