Friday, February 4, 2011

Siamese Caramels

Yesterday morning I awoke to find a strange thing had happened.  Sometime in the night Rosanna had become attached to me.  There was nothing to be done about it so we spent the day within an arms reach of each other.  I am certain that in 10 years (sooner?) I will long for the day when I can snuggle and tote my love around.  For today, let's just say I'm beat!

Nevertheless, I needed to attempt to make salted caramels for my commitment to make them for next weekend. I think I pulled it off!  First I mixed the water, light corn syrup and sugar to get their boil on:
(what the heck is with the sideways picture??)

Then, simmer the heavy cream, butter and salt.....

Next, wait....wait...wait...for the original mixture to turn "golden brown".  

Finally!  Then we join the two in holy matrimony, to be together until the end of time, to bubble and boil until they reach the magical temperature of 248 degrees.

Here is my Siamese twin, Rosanna.  Yeah, that's right, I can make caramels and be a child caddy all at the same time.  PRO.
Poor baby.  She was having quite the day.  She was definitely NOT sleepy in this picture.  She was chipper, excited and ready to take on the day!

Aaaannnddd, it's done:
Yes, it's yummy :)


  1. Those were so good! I tried to make salted caramels a while ago and while they were good tasting they were way too soft. Yours had a great texture.

  2. Go, you! I've never tried making caramel (the idea still makes me nervous!), and the fact that you made it while being a baby caddy makes this doubly impressive!