Sunday, February 20, 2011

Park day, baby

There she is.  My pretty, pretty princess.  She is modeling a lovely chunky pink multi-stranded necklace, worn in the style of the flower child.  Let me just tell you, she got plenty of kisses for that!  

In the spirit of the lifted weather, we headed out to the park.  The sun was out!  Hooray!  The air was cold.  Boo.  So we suited up and headed out, me and my little munchkin:

Notice the shoes.  Ugh.  It makes her look so old!  Why?!  This could be named the first official time she has used shoes.  She and I wrestled each other to get them on, a few tears were shed but we survived.  It is clear to me that for a first-timer, walking with shoes is a different sort of task than walking without.  She stumbled and fell over more times than is normal for her, trying to get grounded.  Clearly she is my child.  Shoes are dumb.  She even got her first skinned knee!  
Don't act like I'm crazy, it really is skinned a bit.  She fell over herself while walking to the park.  Ugh, it tugged at my heart and made me want to toss those nasty (albeit cute) sneakers into a fire.  Of course, she was barely fazed and was ready to take off when we reached the park.

My favorite new accessory has to be the ball cap.  It is too darn sweet!  
There were too many 'big kids' being crazy around the play structure (note to teenagers: please take your silliness and obnoxiosity (new word?) elsewhere and leave the playground for the babies) so we moved  on to the swings!  Always a hit with Ro, she becomes contemplative, giggly, observant, meditative.  

I am in love.  I can't get enough.  I sometimes long for the break of nap time and then feel lonely, longing for her to wake up and remind me of why I am the most blessed Momma.  
We didn't stay out long, the air was too cold for this family.  Rosanna agreed that she was done too.
Lastly, I leave you with this shot, because her cuteness cannot be denied and I'll never pass up a chance to spread the love.
Shout out to the hubs, who's camera skills captured some awesome adorableness on today's adventure :)


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  1. That last picture just kills me with cuteness!

    I love the park. Have you tried her on the slides yet? Rose LOVES them.

    Oh and her first skinned knee. The first of many. :)