Friday, February 4, 2011

The Tired Woman's Dinner

I am tired.  My kid was not.  This is an unfortunate combination.  So I did what every parent has been doing for centuries (ok, not centuries) and drove her around Roseville until she crashed.  It was the first time I have done such a thing and I felt like a cheater.  Then I got over it because my baby fell asleep.

I hadn't eaten dinner yet when we got home at nearly 10pm and, with dishes filling the sink, I was hardly in the mood to make anything elaborate.  So I whipped up an egg sandwich.  One pan, one plate.  All the while my baby is on the video monitor, so I can see her sleeping.
Here she is:
And I have this strange habit of tip-toeing around, simply because she is in my field of vision, sleeping, in another room with the door closed.  So I close the cupboard and wince, looking to see how much trouble I am in.  Of course, she's still sleeping because SHE'S IN THE OTHER ROOM AND CAN'T HEAR ME.  Duh.
So I grabbed and fired up some bacon,

Toasted a sandwich thin,
Fried up my egg,
Topped it with a slice of swiss and threw the whole thing together (oh, and I added a little Dijon mustard).
Presto-dinnero.  Now I'm going to do.....nothing.  Or perhaps take a bath (which I think qualifies as nothing). I'm going to leave you with a quote from a blogger mom I read often, the webpage I pulled it from is here.  It's about mommydom, and I think it's sweet.

"Being a mother is the hardest and most wonderful adventure I've taken in life. While I am lucky to have learned from my amazing mother, sisters, and friends about what it takes to be a mom, I owe it to my son and daughter for being my true teachers. They've taught me to forgive quickly, reminded me that learning is magical, and proved that taking time to sit, talk, and play with them one-on-one is much more important than having a perpetually clean house. They've also taught me to laugh at knock-knock jokes that make absolutely no sense, consent to breakfast food three times a day, and accept that a pack of gum purchased today will not be around tomorrow. And I'm okay with all of that because I can't imagine my life without them; without Isaac's inquisitive mind or Lucy's obsession with all things girly, without their good-night kisses and infectious smiles. I love that I am theirs and they are mine, forever."

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