Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some Neat-O Sites

Lately I have come across, either by my own stumblings or because someone showed me, some pretty neat-o websites.  By neat-o I mostly mean entertaining or thoughtful.  Instead of keeping this entertainment to myself I am here to share it with you, hooray!

Have you heard of this guy (gal?) who's blog is dedicated to awesomeness?  It's a kick and will make you reconsider tiny annoyances and trade them in for small wonderfulnesses.  #317 is how it is awesome when you can hear it snowing.  Totally.  #323 is the sound of a freshly cracked egg hitting a hot frying pan.  I'm in, it's a completely satisfying sound.  This blog is bringing happiness back to basics, can't argue with the value in that.
Ok, now this one is simultaneously pretty cool, sometimes sad and also awesome.  It's someone's art project where people anonymously send in postcards with their secret on them.  The site is just postcard after postcard of people's secrets.  Interesting.

Ever think of just supporting your local community's farmers?  This site will support you at just that!  The idea  is this: 
"The 100-Mile Diet is about learning by doing. Getting to know the seasons. Understanding where our food comes from, and at what risk to our health and to the environment. Sorting out how we all ended up eating apples that taste like cardboard and cakes made with petrochemicals."  
I pulled that from their site, and I love the intention here.  

I am in love with this chick.  I want to be as creative and hilarious as she is.  She writes little stories as a kid with kid-like drawings and they make my day.  I don't recall how I came across her, but when I did I was actually laughing out loud, tears running down my face, body heaving and barely able to breathe.  I am sure Big E thought I had lost my marbles.  My only complaint is she doesn't update as often as I'd like, she's like crack and I'm an addict.
The last one for today was stolen off my family's website (meaning my Uncle found it).  If you are sensitive to rough language, don't go there!  If you can stand it and enjoy some rough cynicism paired with silly comics as commentary on our world and cats....then go here an laugh your booty off.

Do you have websites that you are smitten with and itching to share with the world (or just me)?  Leave yours in the comment section!

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