Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days...8 days late (a.k.a. Day 1)

There's a cool little list floating around blogs this month, the basis of which is to be thankful (in November!? NO!).  It's intention is to be completed throughout the month, one thing each day.  Well, today is the 8th.  I'm a bit off schedule.  But, since I think it's a cool idea and because it'll keep me blogging, I'm gonna do it anyways. I'll start with day 1.

Day 1: Favorite Food


Preferably a corner piece, so that the edges are a bit crispy with cooked cheese.  Only three layers of noodles please.  Lots of ground turkey, ricotta and spinach all swimming in a tomatoey tomato sauce.  Warm.  Mmmmm.  Yes, I'll have too much and then will feel round and disgusting.  But I will enjoy every bite up until that moment.

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  1. Yes please! And I appreciate the proper spelling, too, ma'am.