Friday, November 18, 2011

Day, uh, Day 14: Movement

So I couldn't get it together for day 13.  The subject matter didn't inspire thoughts through my finger tips and I don't believe in forcing that sort of thing.  So, on to day 14!!


If only you could see us now.  Hippity hopping all around.  Stomping, twirling, scooting and flailing.  We do a fine job keeping our own beat and occasionally finding a beat or two with the music that's playing.

Me and my kid, we put on quite a show.  Laughing and trotting about.  The joy that comes from our festivities is a free and jolly sort.  I don't dance like this for just anyone, and Ro dances with the unabashed abandon of someone who hasn't learned to be self conscious yet, hasn't learned to sensor herself from possible self-inflicted embarrassment.

I take her lead on this one and let it all hang out, no matter the voices in my head telling me I look a fool.  It's the most fantastic fun.

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