Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 21: Artwork

One day, nine years ago, I was being oh-so-cultured and wandering through the Uffizi in Florence (Fireneze, as us locals would say) and soaking up the hundreds of years old art.  It was fantastic.  We spent hours and hours really looking at brush strokes, having my mind blown that someone could see the bigger picture in such a small movement.  Occasionally we'd slyly latch onto a paid, english speaking tour, trying not be too obvious.

It was the most time I've spent looking at art.  Mostly I'm hurried, rushed, feeling the pressures of whomever I'm with to move along.  Creating art is something I admire, the ability and the patience.  I'm lacking in both categories.

I'd like to find some creative art piece if I ever get another tattoo.  I want it to be artful, clever and beautiful.  I want to be moved by it.  Body art is interesting to me because there are so many variables.  I love the idea of using the turns and curves of the body to play off the piece, that's really what I am looking for.

There are a few art pieces that I've stumbled onto recently that I felt connected to.  This one is part of a greater piece, but really I like it on it's own.  I can feel the love, the closeness, the pure joy of being a child's mother.  I can actually feel the weight of my sleeping baby's body across my chest and the tickle of her hair on my cheek, from looking at that painting.  I am totally wrapped in the joy I get from hearing her call me "Momma" and her confident knowledge that I am safe place, from looking at that painting.  I love it.

Gustav Klimt Mother and Child detail from The Three Ages of Woman

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