Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 18: Something New

Sometimes when toddlers want to help, it's not helpful.  I do what I can to include Ro in all the aspects of my chores: laundry, vacuuming, picking up, etc.  I'd like you to know I've done a bang up job!  She is ever present and excited to take on new tasks, and baking is one of those things.  It's also one of those things that I haven't mastered the art of her role in "helping".  

So when the times comes, and the wee-one is insistent on lending a hand, I hoist her onto the counter top to stir, mix and pour as the opportunity arises.  Often there is a point in our adventure when her eight octopus arms are helping with things I don't need help with: retrieving knives from the block, pulling out apples and potatoes and throwing them on the floor, dunking her feet into the sink and pouring out a soaking pot onto her socks- you get the idea.  So here is where I get to work my creative side.  In this particular instance I was at a loss, so I looked through the cupboards for inspiration.  Ah-ha!  Expensive, Whole Foods marshmallows.  Vanilla Bean flavored, don'tcha know.  

First she played with putting them into and taking them out of their plastic container.  Quite the good time.  Then she discovered that they were, indeed, a food item.  Fork please!

This child had never had a marshmallow before, nor anything like it (is there anything like a marshmallow?).  I was pretty proud of myself because this charade was proving to keep her occupied and I got to plow on through my recipe undisturbed.  

All of this led up to the moment of truth.  How much would she like these obnoxiously priced treats?  Would she be begging for them everyday for the rest of her childhood?  Would normal, jet-puffed marshmallows be scoffed at by her superior palette and therefore ruin any chance of her enjoying s'mores on humble camping trips?  
My fears were unfounded, however, as the marshmallows went in......and came back out.  

Oh, well.  Money in my pocket!

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