Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 5: Morning Sky

So, maybe I'm a weirdo and I kind of love mornings.

They are cozy and calm.  The din of the day isn't assaulting my ears and I feel the most grounded of any other time.  I used to be a solo morning adventurist as I married a college style boy, but Ro is a morning person extraordinaire.

She needs no time from consciousness to movement.  I need time.  She is all at once awake and onto the floor, headed for the door, chatting, completely coherent.  It's unreal.

There is definitely something special about stepping into a quiet, cool morning.  The sky is a lighter blue and not entirely free of it's night time hues.  I hear things that I don't hear later in the day.  My footsteps.  Birds.  Nothing.  Later in the day "nothing" becomes obsolete.....

....unless it already is:

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