Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 20: Where I Sleep

Our bed is a place where weary heads rest- if you live here, you sleep here.

Jazzy Belle sleeps as close as she can to a highly uncomfortable place to lick, i.e. nose, cheek, ear, eye.  She's a lover and the night brings out her clingy side.  She needs to purr and knead and lick and slobber all up in my (or E's) business.  Cute & sweet?  Sure.  Terribly annoying and untimely?  Most definitely.

Sunny doesn't sleep in our bed anymore.  She stays on the couch unless she's eating or using the box.

Rosanna has slept in our bed since she was born.  It was a controversial choice we made and I'll never regret it.   She's just started sleeping in her own bed for about half the night, the rest is cuddled up next to me or her Daddy.  Besides the cuddle time, waking up next to Ro is the most awe inspiring wake-up routine I've experienced.  She is awake and that's that.  No groggy eyed, slow motion wake up period.  Just up.  Up and ready to do something.  Anything.  It's pretty unreal.

Of course, E and I sleep in our bed too.  A bed that has no boundaries.  I love it that way.  Our kid feels like we are accessible and our cat warms our feet (eventually, after being tossed to the foot of the bed umpteen times).  If you are wondering, this lifestyle hasn't affected the more intimate side our our lives and it has definitely brought me more joy than I could have imagined.  Bed sharing is caring!

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