Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 6: Books

My first love.

I used to think that time slowed down when I was deep into a book.  I'd lose track of what was going on around me, it was like I didn't exist anymore.  I'd randomly have a vague awareness of this, and it would feel like I was floating.  It might be the closest time I've come to some sort of meditative state.

Anymore I just read at bed times.  Reading is one of the things I miss the most about my life belonging just to me.  Toddlers don't have much patience for staying still and staying quiet, unless they are sleeping.

I usually dread a book ending- the story is so engaging, the premise so riveting.  I actually feel a loss when it ends.  Then I look at it.  Just a stack of paper, ink all over it- and I think how incredible it is that an entire world happened there.  So much bigger than it's compact, rectangleness.

I tend to stay away from book stores.  I love them too much.  I walk in and feel alive.  The person responsible for marketing to me has done their job well- I instantly want 10 books to come home with me.  I am untrustworthy, I make promises I can't keep and I spend money I swore I wouldn't.  It's a sickness, really.  When I'm holding a beauty in my hand I am giddy with the prospect of reading it.  Everything about it is right: the weight, the smooth cover, the sound it makes when you set it down- a bit hollow and yet solid.  I love it.  They even have a funny smell, like processed earth.

The book I am into right now is wonderful and I only can't wait for it to end because I have 3 other solid books waiting in my nightstand.  Eek!  I can't wait!

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P.S. I you are local, there is an SPCA book store in the Raley's shopping center where we've bought a stack of books for less than $3.00- I'd go there first!

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