Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 15: Technology

We have a love/hate relationship.

I was computer-less for a few weeks (sorta).  I didn't have a PC at my fingertips and I lived.  I felt like a junkie for a few days, needing a hit of pointless internet drivel.  Then I felt freedom set in and, I am embarrassed to admit, I spent more time with my kid.  My butt got dirtier from scootching (p.s. did you know "scootch" isn't a word?) across the floor after giant lego blocks and I took on the personalities of plastic bus driver, pink hippo and roary lion.

Contrariwise, I have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with people I have known in my life- and would otherwise have not reconnected with- if not for the internet.

That said, I despise that it's my go-to time suck.  I make conscious efforts to notice when I am being dead-brained and zoning off into the oblivion of the back lit screen.  Then the screen goes down and my butt plops back onto the floor.

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